Making Laboratories, MUSE Trento, 22-23 May 2016

Making Laboratories is a two-day pre-conference workshop (22-23 May 2016) organized in conjunction with the COOP Conference 2016, 12th International Conference on the Design of Cooperative Systems (25-27 May 2016). The 2016 edition is curated and introduced by the University of Trento while the Making Laboratories pre-conference workshop is hosted by the MUSE FabLab, located within the MUSE Science Museum, in Trento as well. The Making Laboratories is a two day seminar focusing on the topic of **Workshopology**. In it, experts from different fields of research and practice – from academia to fablabs – will team up in order to co-create both guidelines for workshops and physical prototypes of educational activities, collaboratively discussed, designed and prototyped in the FabLab facility - cipciop.


Sabina Barcucci, MUSE Fablab (IT)
Jeffrey Bardzell, University of Indiana (USA)
Serena Cangiano, SUPSI Maind (CH)


– Tiffany Tseng, MIT Longlife Kindergarden group, Media Lab, USA
– Ricarose Roque, MIT Longlife Kindergarden group, Media Lab USA
– Daniele Savasta, Interaction Lab, Yasar University, Izmir, Turkey
– Demet Atınç, Interaction Lab, Yasar University, Izmir, Turkey
– Tara Whelan, University of Limerick, Ireland
– Austin Toombs, Indiana University, USA
– Shad Gross, Indiana University
– Gabriela Avram, University of Limerick, Ireland
– Pernille Bjorn, Datalogistic Institut, University of Copenhagen
– Netta Livari, University of Oulu, Finland
– Ana Rodriguez, MUSE Science Museum, Expedition Genomic Lab
– Claudia Marcelloni, Cern, Geneva
– Kasper Skov, Datalogistic Institut, University of Copenhagen
– Julian Sanin, UniBz
– Angelo Ventura, UniBz
– Costantino Bongiorno,
– Alice Mela, TODO

Participants list


The complete schedule of the workshop is available here:
workshopology Trento schedule


Format 1: Making literacies
Format 2: Make Teach Validate
Format 3: Cultural preservation
Format 4: Family friendly makerspaces


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